Wholesale Opportunities

All wholesale purchases can be made using coupon codes at checkout.

Order discount tiers: 
12 to 19 – 15% discount: Wholesale15
20 to 49 – 20% discount: Wholesale20
50 and up – 25% discount: Wholesale25

Coming soon: more discounts and savings opportunities!
Additional discounts will be offered for preset packages of eye patches. These discounts will be offered in combination with the existing discounts. 

Wholesale orders will vary on fulfillment time based on the size of the order while our team is growing. For the time being, orders are typically shipped within 2-3 weeks. Larger orders may take longer to fill – please contact Mary Bevan at the below  email if your order is needed sooner. 

If you have flexibility on the designs you would like for your wholesale order, please send an email to the contact information below. Orders with flexibility on design are faster to fill and ideal for urgent requests.

For all questions about wholesale, please contact Mary Bevan by email theperfecteyepatch@gmail.com