To whom it may concern,
I have a little girl who suffers from the “Lazy Eye” health problem. Our family doctor prescribed that we use an eye patch to cover the good eye for at least six hrs. per day in order that the weak or lazy eye might be forced into being used. This, it seems is the common treatment for such problems. I looked all over for a good patch to use. I found and tried several different types that were available
on the market.

I tried:
#1- A pirate patch which covers the eye and is held on by an elastic band around the head – Result – Was too easily removed, caused headaches.
#2- An adhesive patch – Result – Uncomfortable, caused irritation and rashes, could be used only once. My child would remove it as soon as she was left alone because of the irritation from the rash caused by the adhesive and discomfort no matter what incentive or deterrents I could devise.
#3 Medical Tape – same results as adhesive eye patch.

I finally found your patch in our local drug store (the only store I know of where they can be obtained). Because it is held in place by attaching it to my daughters glasses it causes no physical discomfort at all.. It is amazing. It causes no undue irritation and it’s only discomfort seems to be that she can’t see with that eye, which is ,of course the objective. I wish I had found this patch sooner than I did. I could have saved a lot of unnecessary discomfort for my daughter and an awful lot of frustration for her dad and I.

I wish more people new about this option for the lazy eye problem. I hope this note will encourage you to market your product to be more accessible to more people. It is as you know, washable and re-usable. If my little girl had not lost hers I would have only needed one patch . Oh no that’s wrong – when she saw the variety of patterns I ended up owning three of them. This adds a change for her and makes it even easier to get her to wear it. She is even conscious of colour coordination and goes for different ones with her different ensembles. Wild!!!

Thank you for this great invention.

Caroline Tolley


I would like to thank all those at the perfect patch. I suffer from eye cancer. The surgery and the radiation therapy has left me with a very ugly and unattractive eye socket. In the past, I had to wear a patch that looks like a pirate to cover the disfigurement. It left me feeling more self concious and it caused soreness where ever it touched.

I was delighted when my eye doctor showed me your patches. With so many colors to choose from I am able to match my wardrobe with the patch. The soft cotton materials are so much more comfortable and breathable. I like that I could wash them. It is amazing how something so small and simple can make such a difference to someone like me. I used to be embarassed to go out but now I feel prettier and less disfigured. It has improved my self esteem. I also appreciated being able to call in and talk to someone who understood how important this has been to me. You have made such a difference in my life. Thanks again.

Katherine, Victoria, BC