Comfortable Reusable Cloth Eye Patches

Girl Wearing Cloth Eye PatchWelcome to the Perfect Eye Patch Store – the solution for child (and adult) eye patch struggles. We provide high quality, custom fitting patches that are easy fun, and most importantly, comfortable to wear.

About Frame Types

There are two types of eyeglass frames that our comfortable cloth eye patches will secure to – a “regular” frame with a detached nose piece (not part of the frame itself but screwed in place), and a “plastic” frame where the nose piece is an integral part of the frame itself. Please make sure when you order cloth eye patches that you are selecting the right category for the type of frame you are using. The SKU will end in a “P” for Plastic frames and end in a number for regular frames.

It’s as EASY as 1-2-3!


All our Cloth Eye Patches are:

VERSATILE ~ Replaces all types of eye patches
COST EFFECTIVE ~ Less expensive than alternative eye patch products.
WASHABLE ~ Cotton/Polyester fabrics.
NON-ADHESIVE ~ No adhesive to irritate the sensitive eye area.
BREATHABLE ~ Allows air to circulate around the eye.
NON-ALLERGENIC ~ Great for sensitive skin.
COMFORTABLE ~ Stays in place and eliminates the desire to be removed.
THREE SIZES ~ Adult, Child and Infant sizes.
CONTOURED ~ Avoid vision through sides, top and bottom of patch.
GREAT SELECTION ~ Available in many prints and colors.
NON-DIRECTIONAL PATTERNS/ND ~ (Non-directional) worn on either eye.

How it all began…

Our company began with the needs of the young boy in the image on this page, our son…
When he was diagnosed with Amblyopia (a lazy eye) we learned that he would have to wear corrective glasses and an eye patch for several hours per day.
As his parents, we spent a great deal of time and money in our search for an eye patch that wouldn’t irritate his skin and yet stayed in place.

We ended up with a drawer full of adhesive patches which irritated his skin, tore out his eyebrows when removed, and had to be replaced every time he shed a tear or got an eyelash in his eye. We also had pirate style patches that topped off every time moved his head, foam eye covers that he could peek out of, and plastic patches that didn’t fit under his glasses. Understandably, he was frustrated with all of these and was forever taking them off.

We soon realized that patching can become quite unpleasant to say the least.

We ultimately became so frustrated with what was available (or not available) on the market, that we set out to design a practical and comfortable eye patch that our son would actually wear. We took the information we learned from what didn’t work to create a design which would provide comfort without compromising effectiveness in our eye patches. This pattern evolved into what we appropriately named:

“The Perfect Patch”

We created this website in the hope that you can use our frustrating experience to avoid having one of your own.

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