The Perfect Eye Patch

Welcome to our online store where you will find the solution to your patching needs!

Our eye patches make the process of wearing an eye patch easier for everyone involved.

We provide three sizes for eye patches and two variations. Our variations include Metal (metal-framed glasses which have separate nose pieces) and Plastic (where the nose piece is integrated into the glasses). Our sizes include Large (adults), Medium (children) and Small (young children).

All of our cloth patches are…
Versatile: replaces all other types of eye patches
Cost-effective and reusable: made from cotton/polyester fabrics that will also not fade drastically with use
Non-adhesive: no adhesive glues that will irritate the skin or eyes
Comfortable and breathable: by allowing air to circulate around the eye and staying properly in place, they eliminate the desire to be removed
Contoured and Non-Directional: all our patches can be worn on either eye and the special contoured design allows for better coverage of the visual space

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