How It All Began

The company began with the needs of a young boy. He was diagnosed with Amblyopia (a lazy eye) and was required to wear corrective lenses and an eye patch for several hours per day.

The eye patches available were either adhesive, foam, plastic, or a ‘pirate’ patch. The adhesive patches would irritate his skin and need to be replaced any time it became uncomfortable or wet. The ‘pirate’ patches would shift around his head, and the plastic and foam patches never fit properly. Understandably, these were frustrating and uncomfortable, and resulted in them never being worn long enough. 

With no good options on the market, we decided to create our own that was practical, comfortable, and personalized. By using what worked and didn’t work from each of the other options, we created what we call ‘The Perfect Patch’- the comfortable, reusable, and effective eye patch. 

After many years, this company was passed on– to me, their grand-daughter. 

My name is Mary. I spent my childhood working for the company, learning the skills of the trade to ensure that The Perfect Patch continued to help people when my grandparents couldn’t anymore. As of 2022, I began to slowly take over more and more of the daily tasks of running the business until entirely taking over in March 2022.

I’m looking forward to continuing to support you, your family and friends, and the businesses that offer these handmade, fabric eye patches- each made with love.